The 2021 ACSA Conference was presented on a virtual event platform from March 15 to 19, with 447 participants and 14 event sponsors. 

The theme of the conference, Restoring Connections, featured expert speakers covering industry-specific topics. Programming was provided for several hours per day, including thought-provoking presentations, a lively panel discussion, timely updates, virtual networking and group discussions.

Ninety-eight (98.1) per cent of attendees said they were very or somewhat satisfied with the conference schedule and program and 91 per cent rated the virtual event platform positively. Approximately 13,200 visitors viewed the event on our conference website. Social media activity was also high, with five days of live tweets generating 687 engagements and 26,406 impressions.

“The content was awesome, great keynotes and pretty much a seamless virtual experience. Kudos to the ACSA team and tech support for an amazing experience.”
— from a 2021 ACSA Conference attendee
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