John Digman,
Board Chair

Much has been said about the need to adapt while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic fallout.

This Status Report reflects on the past three years with statistical data that illustrates the impact these events have had on the construction industry, and outlines how ACSA has strengthened its capabilities to continue to provide exceptional value to our members.

At the core of our efforts is a strong strategic plan that is our north star.

ACSA has strategies in place to better understand, engage with and communicate with our members, nurture relationships and collaborate with one another. We will continue to listen, ask questions and gather feedback to ensure we are effectively serving all stakeholders.

Since first introduced in 2019, the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS 2020) Fundamentals course and add-on modules have been widely adopted to provide entry-level orientation to new or returning workers to the construction industry ‒ more than 1.16 million course registrations were recorded by the end of 2022. With the ongoing demand for this safety training, your ACSA Board is committed to providing CSTS 2020 at no charge at this time.

Partnerships are extremely important and truly, we are stronger when we work together. ACSA pursues collaborations where there’s a clear alignment with our strategic goals. We worked with the Alberta Construction Association to secure project funding to complete a physical demand analysis and to develop standards of training for unregulated activities. The Board also met with the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations to look for opportunities to harmonize health and safety training from coast to coast.

I am excited to welcome Mark Hoosein as the new CEO of ACSA effective January 9, 2023.

Mark has a reputation as an effective communicator and is passionate about health and safety ‒ it’s been a focus of his work throughout his career. We look forward to an open and fruitful relationship where we achieve growth within the organization and meaningful collaboration with all of our industry partners. My thanks to the Board members who served on the CEO recruitment committee; and my heartfelt appreciation to Tammy Hawkins, who served in a dual role as acting CEO and Chief Operations Officer during the search.

2023 marks a new chapter for ACSA, as we look to enhance existing and forge new relationships, to ensure ACSA maintains its status as a premier supplier of safety training and resources for the construction industry. This year also marks the 35th anniversary of the Association. We are excited to mark this milestone and look forward to celebrating it with you.

As my tenure as Board Chair comes to an end, I want to thank the ACSA Executive and staff, without whom I could not have fulfilled this role.

We have an active Board and I thank all Board members for their commitment to advancing health and safety for all. Working together, I am confident we can realize our shared goal of Lives lived safely.

John Digman, Board Chair