ACSA’s strategic plan sets a new bar for member engagement, member service and the results we achieve. While we have met or exceeded in some areas, we still have opportunities to refocus and reprioritize efforts to meet our desired outcomes.

ACSA reviews outcomes and targets annually to ensure they remain relevant and practical.

TARGET: Increase behavioural influence and resource access in common and severe injuries


2021 influence: 86.9% (at home)
2022 influence: 95.7% (not specified)

Survey results on ACSA influence on safe behaviours (somewhat, quite and strongly influenced)


2021 access: 155,058
2022 access: 117,530 (-24.2%)

Resources include courses, print materials, video views and document downloads

TARGET: Grow our active participation


Increase member participation in the COR/SECOR program by 5% in 2022, and 2% per year thereafter

2021 baseline: 4,881
2022 target: 5,125
2022 actual: 4,312
(to date)


Increase participation in ILT
and vILT courses
by 5% per year

2021 baseline: 16,816
2022 target: 17,657
2022 actual: 20,365 (+21.1%)

CSTS 2020

Increase participation
in CSTS 2020 courses
by 5% per year

2021 baseline: 255,445
2022 target: 268,217
2022 actual: 180,929 (-29.2%)

TARGET: People feel empowered to create a safer work environment



Achieve a 9/10 rating
on safety prioritization by business owners and construction leaders by the end of 2024

2021 baseline: 8.46
2022 actual: 8.77

Achieve an 8/10 rating on ACSA’s impact on workplace health and safety prioritization among stakeholders by the end of 2024

2021 baseline: 7.36
2022 actual: 7.59

Achieve an 4/5 rating on how much ACSA knowledge products have changed stakeholder behaviour by the end of 2024

2021 baseline: 3.65
2022 actual: 4.17