Priority 1: Stakeholder Focus

Seeking first to understand our industry’s needs, concerns and interests

ACSA exists to serve the Alberta construction industry. We strive to bring all stakeholders together under the banner of safety to gain the strength and momentum we need to have a meaningful impact on workplace health and safety.

To deepen ACSA’s impact, we first seek to better understand the industry’s needs and concerns to ensure our approach and product offerings adequately serve our stakeholders’ interests.

Key Insights

Three-year injury and fatality trends for Alberta’s construction industry:

13.1% of provincial LTC injuries
(2021 data)1

No Data Found

35.4% of provincial fatalities
(2021 data)1

No Data Found

ACSA memberships:

automatic members

Since 2021, automatic members increased by 1.3%
(690 more members)

associate members

Since 2021, associate members decreased by 10.8%
(223 fewer members)

Key Initiatives

Reaching and involving our stakeholders:

We presented a stakeholder engagement plan to the Board of Directors and implementation is ongoing. ACSA continued with a variety of channels and events to reach and involve stakeholders, including the annual conference, webinars and a new member welcome package.

Listening and learning from our stakeholders:

We launched our annual stakeholder survey in November 2022. This gives ACSA a snapshot of how stakeholders rate our training, certification programs, designation programs and broader influence on industry safety. Individual comments also provide insight on where to improve. Feedback is shared throughout the report.

Listening and learning from our course participants:

After every instructor-led course (whether in person or virtual), participants are asked to complete a short survey to help ACSA continually improve. Feedback from course participants is discussed throughout the report.

Listening and learning from our auditors:

ACSA reached out to participants in our peer auditing, Certificate of Recognition (COR) and Small Employer COR (SECOR) programs to understand how we could improve these programs. Feedback is shared in the report.