Advancing Careers with Your ACSA’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

ACSA’s vILT has proven to be a highly engaging interactive online learning experience. vILT courses are one to three days in duration, where students in virtual classrooms interact with instructors and each other. Courses are capped at a suitable number of students per class, with two trainers working simultaneously. One certified instructor is delivering the course content, while the other certified instructor moderates classroom functioning and interacts with students through the chat feature.

Technical support is provided by ACSA from sign-in through to completion of the course exam. Participants are provided with hard copies of course manuals wherever possible and can choose PDFs where practical. In 2021, 12,840 course manuals were shipped to ACSA vILT students.

Since March 2020, 17 courses have been converted to the vILT format (formerly offered in-person).

Four-hundred and sixty-two (462) ACSA vILT courses delivered in 2021 attracted 16,802 students.

At the end of every class, students are asked to complete a short satisfaction survey. This feedback is used to shape our virtual offerings, including course content and learner experience. More than 14,040 students completed the vILT survey in 2021, with these overall results:

95 per cent of respondents strongly agree or agree that the virtual platform, Adobe Connect, allowed for a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.
Strongly agree or agree 95%
97 per cent of respondents strongly agree or agree that the course materials (participant guide, assigned activities, videos, etc.) helped them to achieve the course objectives.
Strongly agree or agree 97%
95 per cent of respondents strongly agree or agree that the vILT course increased their knowledge and confidence in the subject area.
Strongly agree or agree 95%

vILT courses

“I was worried upon registering that this was going to be another one of those two-day training sessions that I despised having to do, but it was far from that. Both trainers spoke fluently and I loved using Adobe Connect, a new platform for me. I loved that the course was interactive with polls and questions and the use of chat and agree/disagree buttons. I loved that we could take frequent breaks. Overall, it was a great course and I will definitely be doing more ACSA courses.”
— from a student responding to a post-vILT survey
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