Lives lived safely

Our vision drives us to seek bold solutions. To be curious and courageous in expanding our reach and impact. We take great responsibility in using our resources to ensure the results meet our stakeholders’ needs. We build connections, awareness, expertise and workplace cultures that inspire members of our sector to engage in our shared goal of Lives lived safely.

Our mission

To engage our stakeholders in supporting a culture that promotes health and safety values.

Our promise

As Your ACSA, we promise to lead and empower people to make construction workplaces safer.

Everything we do is directly connected to our four core attributes:

  • Knowledge
  • Friendliness
  • Excellence
  • Resoluteness

Our core attributes make sure we help employees and employers live by our common goal of healthy and safe workplaces and lives. We continue to build these meaningful partnerships as we show our shared commitment to health and safety.

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